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Our compassionate providers and staff are here to take care of women and children through every stage of life.


Bobbie Behrens MD, OB/GYN, LLC is pleased to offer in-office ultrasound imaging and same day results with our Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.  This includes diagnostic pelvic ultrasounds and abdominal ultrasounds for your gynecological needs.



Peace of Mind

Your Body
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Well-Woman Preventative Exams

Our practice welcomes women of every age. It is our priority to establish a healthy relationship with our patients and provide preventive care on an annual basis.


Our clinicians will take the time to explain your contraceptive options. We offer oral and injectable contraception, intrauterine devices (IUD’s) such as Mirena, Kyleena and Paragard, Nexplanon insertion and removal, as well as permanent sterilization (tubal ligation).

Breast Disorders and Lumps

Breast lumps and discomfort are a priority at our office. Our staff is committed to addressing your concerns in a timely manner. Please contact the office at any time with questions.

Sexually Transmitted Disease

Sexually transmitted disease screenings can be completed in the office, with either a swab and/or blood draw. Typically, patients are notified within 7-10 days of the results. In the event of an abnormal result, our staff will provide follow up information regarding treatment.

Abnormal Pap Smear

Preventive pap smear screenings aid in the early detection of several gynecological disorders. Evaluation and treatment of abnormal pap-smears can be completed in our office.

Gynecological Cancer Screening

Screenings are critical for early diagnosis of a number of conditions. Most screenings are completed during a visit to our office.

Abnormal bleeding/ menstrual disorders

Getting to the root cause of any disorder is always our priority. Let our providers work with you in determining the best treatment for your condition.

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain can be debilitating. Our facility offers in-house ultrasound studies and exams for a comprehensive look at your pelvic pain and symptoms.


Endometriosis occurs when the uterine lining tissue grows outside of the uterus and subsequently can cause heavy bleeding and painful periods. Close collaboration with our clinicians can aid in helping you find relief in managing your symptoms.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic ovarian syndrome also known as PCOS is a multidimensional complex endocrine disorder that can affect menstrual cycles, fertility, weight management, hair and skin changes. There are many components to the diagnosis and management of PCOS including a thorough history and physical exam, laboratory tests and possibly a pelvic ultrasound. In order to adequately treat PCOS many other causes have to be eliminated with the understanding that treatment encompasses multiple appointments and follow up. The treatment is tailored to your underlying goals and other medical considerations.


Menopause can cause a wealth of side effects including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings and painful intercourse just to list a few. Our providers are here to help you manage this stage of life by offering a wide range of therapeutic treatment options.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can be difficult to talk about. We welcome and encourage discussion about sexual dysfunction and can offer resources and treatment options.

Family Practice

Miracles of Hope

Your Family Is
in Good Hands

After your pregnancy, our clinic offers the convenience of continuing care for you and your infant.

Family Practice

Infants & Toddlers

Healthy babies begin with proper preventative care. We provide well child exams, immunizations and developmental screenings as your child grows. We are also here to help with coughs, colds, runny noses and any other health concerns you may have.

School age: Adolescents & Teens

As your child enters school, we continue to provide care. We offer kindergarten and sports physicals, as well as immunizations. Our staff is here to evaluate and treat acne, diet/ exercise concerns, depression and hormonal changes during the teen years.


Our staff offers a variety of services for women, ranging from employer physicals to colds, flu, and sore throats. We are here to help you monitor and manage chronic conditions including, but not limited to asthma, hypertension, and basic infertility.

Lab Services

Blood work can be completed in the office. Most abnormal findings can be addressed by phone consultation. Our office offers same day results for rapid strep and pregnancy tests.


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